Safe Kidz is an initiative born from the need to quickly share
current information of missing children with law enforcement
and the media for their quick and efficient recovery

Our Vision, Mission, Goals, and Values


Our Mission is to provide families with the tools and technologies they need to keep their children safe, protected and empowered to cope at all situations.


Our Vision is to create technologies and products that enable families to be safer, happier and better.


  • To develop and offer a wide range of high quality, upbeat, and effective child protection, positive communication, personal safety, self-protection, and confidence-building programs – locally and around Africa.
  • To provide extensive resources in teaching child protection, positive communication, and personal safety skills for all ages and abilities through our partners.
  • To provide affordable technology to parents to enable them to keep track of their kids at all times.
  • To work with other institutions such as child services, the police and the media in the quick identification of lost, missing and displaced children and reunite them with loved ones in the shortest time possible.
  • To promote child personal safety and well-being through our monthly events


At Safe Kidz, we do our best to be:
  • Honest. Safe Kidz is committed to creating anc honest community where people can and will speak up about even the most difficult issues. We have a deep commitment to ethical practices in all we do.
  • Evolving. We are always looking for ways to improve and are open to new ideas.
  • Fair. We develop clear win-win agreements and uphold high standards.  We are committed to applying them equally and fairly to people at all levels of involvement with our organization.
  • Supportive. We encourage people to take good care of their well-being and to make their health and their loved ones their top priorities.
  • Productive. We will be effective and efficient in how we use our own time and the time of others.
  • Safe. We are committed to ensuring the physical and emotional safety of everyone involved with Safe Kidz.
  • Collaborative. We will work as a team with each other, with our supporters, and with our partners to bring the best services possible to the most people possible.
  • Pro-Active. We anticipate problems and take action sooner rather than later. We don’t sit back and wait for someone else to do what needs to be done – we anticipate new challenges and address problems quickly. We get help to solve problems if we are stuck.
  • Courageous. Save Kidz stands up for its beliefs. We don’t let fear, embarrassment, inconvenience, or discomfort prevent us from working towards our goals and upholding our values.
  • Joyful. We will act enthusiastic, hopeful, and positive in all our communications with others, even when we need to set boundaries or refuse someone’s request.
  • Appreciative. We honor everyone’s contributions and acknowledge people for what they do.
  • Inclusive. We welcome people of any age, culture, religion, race, gender, political belief, nationality, sexual orientation or gender identity, marital status, any kind of disability, or level of income who share our commitment to integrity and safety for everyone and who can join us in upholding our values.


Safe Kidz is an initiative born from the need to quickly share current information of missing children with law enforcement and the media for their quick and efficient recovery. By using the latest technology available, safe kidz aims at reuniting missing, displaced lost or abducted children with their families upon rescue.

Apart from technology, Safe Kidz offers both parents and kids educational material on personal safety. Parents and children learn valuable lessons on how to avoid becoming victims in regards to abduction, kidnapping and abuse. We also offer simple defensive skills that teach children how to escape from would be abductors, how to react when a stranger approaches them and the many tricks strangers will use to lure them.

Losing a child is one of the worst things that could ever happen to any parent and reuniting them as quickly as possible remains our paramount mission. For this reason we offer services such as Eye-D a web based server that holds the child’s info which can be shared which can be shared with law enforcement agencies and the media to alert the public of the missing child. Eye-D is also capable of positively identifying a rescued child and reuniting him/her with loved ones. The details of the child will include a digital photo, full names, school and parents contact details. Eye-D is licensed to schools and they are the ones entrusted with the child’s personal data.

The schools will update the child’s photo every year as they progress to the next level to keep the records current. Details of how this works can be found under products and services.

Our Services

Themed Child Safety Events

Personal safety events held on every first Saturday of the month...
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Child Tracking Technology

Every parent wants to know where their child is at all times...
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Biometric Student information management system is our latest cutting edge...
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Themed child personal safety Events.

Comment 1 December 11, 2014

Our personal safety events will be held on every first Saturday of the month. The premise is costume oriented where kids will be dressed in their favorite super hero costumes such as Iron Man, Bat girl, Wonder woman, Snow White, Spider Man, etc. where they come to learn about personal safety in a fun and safe environment…The events will be held at convenient child friendly locations such as the Splash, Impala grounds, Race Course, among others. It will run from 10AM to 4PM and will include all sorts of activities that kids know and love such as face painting, jumping castles, video games, paint balls, water games, treasure hunts…Kids will also be taken through self-defense classes by our trained professionals. The aim is not to enable kids to fight adults (as this is not possible) but to help them build confidence, be assertive and have the skills to evade, delay and or escape from any situation that would demand it.

Our events are age appropriate and will benefit all school going kids. Parents too will get the chance to learn how to better protect their loved ones through open communication and awareness. Each event will have a topic of the month e.g. keeping secrets, good and bad touching, getting lost, how to deal with strangers, respect for others, etc. Using our mascot gang, the lessons will be given through song, dance and role play to resonate with the kids. Giveaways such as coloring books, posters, toys, will be on hand to help re-enforce the lesson of the month. Parents are encouraged to take the time to engage with their kids while completing these tasks so as to build a clear line of communication.

For teens, the events will take place once every 3 months as unlike younger ones, teens have different issues and grasp things quicker so no need for monthly events. Topics such as safe driving, drugs, sex, alcohol, power inn relationships, career choices, etc. will be covered. Unlike the event for the younger ones, this one will not be costume oriented but rather a gathering of teens with common everyday issues. To attract the teens to the events, the most popular entertainers will grace the events to keep them entertained while receiving life crucial lessons delivered by our trained instructors.


Child Tracking Technology

Comment 1 December 11, 2014

Every parent wants to know where their child is at all times as it gives them that much needed peace of mind. However, having the ability to do so without being intrusive remains a major challenge. By making use of our tiny GPS trackers, parents can achieve this without interfering in the child’s daily routine. Our GPS trackers are also phones which the parents can easily call and speak to the child should they wish to. The child can also speak to the parents as the phone has three buttons. One for an SOS, and the other two for calling mum and dad. The numbers are pre-set and so the child can’t call anyone else nor can anyone other than the parents call the child. It is easily worn a as a necklace and concealed under the child’s clothing. Parents are encouraged to ensure they communicate to their kids about the devices and the reasons why they have to wear them. Proper care and use should also be communicated. These devices will be sold at our events as well as online via our website.



Comment 1 December 11, 2014

Biometric Student information management system is our latest cutting edge technology developed by or partners Data Vault Enterprises Ltd. All school going kids will be registered using their iris in their schools and a digital file created. During roll-call, the teachers will scan the students’ eyes and within 2 seconds authentication is made and the records updated in the school’s servers. At the same time, the parents will receive a text message alerting them that their child is in class. BioSIM has the ability to track teacher attendance as well. Kids taking the school bus will also be tracked as they embark/disembark and the parents will receive immediate notification via SMS with google map links of where their child is. BioSIM is truly a revolutionary technology where child security is concerned as it keeps parents actively informed of their children’s whereabouts. A good example is when kids go on field trips, the parents will be glad to receive SMS alerts of when their kids arrived, when they board the bus back home/school from the school trip and when they arrive back at school or home.

Another functionality of BioSIM is the ability to quickly identify lost, missing, displaced or abducted children upon rescue by either police or child services and reunite them with loved ones in the shortest time possible. As long as the child has been registered at school, positive identification will be possible. We are also working with other partners in the media and police to allow our system to send out alerts to the media houses, social media and Telco customers of any confirmed abduction or missing child. The idea is to alert the public and involve them in the search and rescue of the child.

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